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Amazing milestones for us in 2022-2023!

Electron Beam Welder With 60x60x60 Chamber and CNC Table 

Ebeam new 2.jpg
Ebeam new 1.jpg

LAWS 5000 5 Axis Automated Welding System - Currently being installed.

Auto Welder Liburdi.jpg
Fully coordinated motion welding system offering a computer synchronized pulsing of the wire and current to yield exceptional heat management at the torch.

3 Hexagon Global S Green 12.15.10 CMM's

New CMMs.jpg
Our new Hexagon CMM’s are configured with identical articulating scanning probe heads and probe racks that offer increased programming flexibility and capacity
X - 60" Travel | Y - 30 Travel | Z - 30" Travel | R - Rotary Table | T - Tilt (Table) 5° to + 125°

Doosan Puma VT1100 Lathe

VT1100 20210225_140703_HDR.jpg

Doosan DVF 6500 5 Axis Machining Center

Doosan DVF 6500 5 axis.jpg
The Dosan Puma VT1100 lathe has added 80-120 hours of turning capacity and has a working envelope in excess of 54,000 cubic inches.
The Doosan DVF6500 CNC Mill has added 80-120 hours of milling capacity and has a working envelope in excess of 21,000 cubic inches.

10,000 Sq. Ft. Expansion!  Need cells set up for your next project?  We have the room!

expansion 2021.JPG
  • Currently Pursuing NADCAP on several in house processes.
  • We are running (3) shifts & always hiring to meet required capacity and on-time delivery.
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